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8th Grade Contest

A Special Invitation



to 8th grade students in the following schools:



Altus, Blair, Chillicothe, Crowell, Davidson, Electra, Frederick, Harrold,

Navajo, Northside, Snyder, Tipton, and Vernon



SWRE Youth Energy Essay Contest


If you are an 8th grade student who is attending one of the schools listed above or who lives in the SWRE service territory, you are invited to enter the 2016-17 Youth Power Energy Camp Contest!

At least eight students will be named winners in the contest and each winner will receive a $50 cash prize!

Plan NOW to enter!

The essay topic and contest rules are on page 3 of this contest packet.

Deadline for submitting your 350-500 word essay is February 1, 2018.



Tips for Writing Your Essay


    Neatness counts!

    Be sure that your work is neat, tidy, and that your handwriting is easily readable.


    Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling are essential!


        •   Spell correctly.


            •   Use correct grammar and punctuation.


                •   Avoid run-on sentences!


    Think creatively!

    Be creative and be sure that your ideas are uniquely your own!






2017-2018 Youth Energy Essay Contest Rules



The Youth Energy Essay Contest is open to any eighth grade student who lives or attends school within the SWRE service area.


All essays submitted become the property of SWRE and will not be returned.


Students who are the child or grandchild of a current SWRE employee or trustee are NOT eligible to enter.


How to Enter


Thoughtfully write an original essay on the topic below. 



Essay Topic and Due Date:




Wise, efficient use of electricity and other energy sources is important.


    Imagine that the governor has appointed YOU to be in charge of promoting energy efficiency in your town or community.


    What would you do?


    Consider ways that individuals, businesses and whole communities can save energy or use it more efficiently. Develop a community plan. Think about how you, as a leader, will communicate your plan and make people want to participate.


DUE DATE: Essays must be received in SWRE’s Tipton office no later than Thursday, February 1, 2018.


Essay Format


The essay must be original and of 350 to 500 words. It must be neatly printed in black or blue ink, or typewritten on white 8 1/2” x 11” paper.


No name may appear on the body of the essay but must be included on a cover sheet (provided on the back page of this packet).




An independent judge will select two winners – one from Texas schools and one from Oklahoma schools. Judging criteria are creativity, originality, accuracy, organization, grammatical correctness, style and content. The judge will also select finalists from Texas and Oklahoma.


Prizes Awarded


At least eight winners will each receive $50 cash prizes.


Click Here to apply for the 2018 Energy Essay Contest

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