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Youth Tour



Congratulations to our 2018 Youth Tour Finalists: 


Destiny Barnard - Frederick High School

Ronna Dennis - Vernon High School

Deanna Duensing - Electra High School

Ragan Fieldhouse - Vernon High School

Timothy Paul Jacobson - Snyder High School

Jamie Jannaman -Frederick High School

Lincoln Muller -Navajo High School

Abby Schmidt - Tipton High School

Kaitlyn Thomas - Northside High School




Final Judging

Finalists will compete in the contest finals. Potential finalists will be notified of their selection and invited to compete as finalists. SWRE will provide them with the time and location of the finals. The finals will consist of two parts: speech and questions.


Finals Presentation

At the finals, each contestant will be asked to present his or her essay as a very brief extemporaneous presentation. (Extemporaneous is here defined as a “presentation neither read nor memorized, but presented with few notes in the manner of an after-dinner presentation.) A panel of judges will rate each presenter. While no presenter will be disqualified because of time, each presenter will be given three to five minutes.  Presentations may include slideshows, video and props, although no additional presenters or participants may be incorporated into the presentation. 


Final Judging Criteria

Poise of Presentation    25%

Speaking Ability    50%

Appearance    10%

Following Contest Rules    15%

[Staying within the time limit, presenting extemporaneously]

Finals Questions

Following the presentation, the judges will ask each contestant two interview questions taken directly from the reference material that is provided in this registration packet. Criteria will be correctness of response and personal composure.

Breakdown of Final Judging

Presentation    70%

Questions    30%

The judges will then select the top score from each district (state) as the winners. In the case of a tie, the judges will select the winner.


Prizes Awarded

The top score in each sate (one from Texas and one from Oklahoma) will receive an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. as part of the national Rural Electric Youth Tour. Trip dates and details will be provided.

Each participating finalist will each receive a $250 cash prize.


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